Masahiro Kuramochi

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Assistant Professor

Research AreasBiophysics
Participating Group (2020-2021)

Dynamical Measurement of Soft Crystals Characteristics by Diffracted X-ray Blinking

X-ray Diffraction, Time-resolved measurement, Grain Rotation, Lattice Dynamics, Soft Crystal

Research Outline

The diffracted X-ray blinking (DXB) monitors the nanoscale dynamics of samples by acquiring high-speed time-resolved images of Laue diffraction pattern with monochromatic X-rays. Here, I apply the DXB measurement to soft crystals and perform the label-free DXB using the diffraction intensity of the crystals themselves. My aim is to characterize the dynamical properties of soft crystals under a macromechanical control at different spatial scales: the rotational motion of crystal grains and the structural fluctuations of the crystal lattice planes. Using laboratory XRD, I will perform screening tests for sample selection and for optimization of sample condition. To exceed the limitation of detection accuracy of motional components, I try to improve the current DXB analytical method by using high-order data analyses such as Bayesian analysis and sparse modeling. In addition, I will measure on ultra-high-resolution diffracted X-ray measurement at synchrotron radiation. I show that our novel measurement can capture the structure-specific dynamic properties in soft crystals.

Arrangement of Lab-DXB
Dynamical measurement of soft crystals by DXB


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