Shuichi Suzuki

Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University
Associate Professor

Research AreasPhysical Organic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
Participating Group (2020-2021)

Developments of Soft Crystal Based on Ionic Compounds with Structural and Electronic Flexibilities

Soft Crystal, Luminescent Metal Complex, Radical Ion, Crystal Phase Transition, Mechanochromism

Research Outline

Ionic open-shell molecules (radical ions) and ionic metal complexes (Pt and Au complexes) sometimes form assemble structures with several cation species (or anion species), resulting in interesting molecular functionality such as magnetic, electric, electronic, and luminescent properties. In this study, we will develop rational designs of soft crystals based on these unique ionic assemble structures in which physical properties in nano and macro scales can be modulated simultaneously or sequentially by external stimuli. In the course of our challenging research program, we will investigate and develop (1) soft crystal using ionic luminescent metal complexes with planarity and flexibility, (2) soft crystal using radical ion salts with flexibility. The novel functionalities and phenomena by using new assemble structures proposed by this research will be used for new functional molecular systems such as information conversion at pinpoint mechanostress, anisotropic information transfer, and hysteretic information changes.

Radical ion salts showing color and magnetic properties changes by mechanostress (previous work)


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